Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Add Favicon To Your Blog URL Address

How about the step to do that? this is the steps : 

  1. First you must have an image, for example like this:

  2. After that, you must change your image to be icon. For do that, you can use favicon Generator, please check out

  3. Click at the "Browse..." button.

  4. Insert your image which will change into favicon.

  5. Click at "Generate Favicon!" button.

  6. After the process is complete, click at "Click Here to Download your favicon".

  7. Save into your computer.

  8. Next step is you must upload your Favicon to image hosting. For this step, you can read at this post!.

  9. Now I assume you have had the URL address of your favicon. For example, I have a favicon URL address like this :


  11. You must change the favicon URL address to be like this :

  12. <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/> 

  13. Next step is login to blogger with your ID.

  14. Click at "Layout".

  15. Click at "Edit HTML" tab.

  16. Click at "Download full template" link. Save your template into computer (importan !):

  17. Find the code : <head>

  18. Place your "Favicon code" below of <head> . For example :

  19. <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""/> 

  20. Click "Save Template" button.

  21. Done. Now you have favicon at your blog URL addres.

To see the result, please use Fire fox or Opera browser

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Allright, I think this enought. Enjoy your new favicon.

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